Aurelio David

Architect and Urban Researcher - Public Participation for Creative Design

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Architect, urban designer, and researcher

I am a Ph.D. student in the field of Architecture, Urban Design and Public Participation. My research focuses on lay-expert interaction and the creative potential of collaborative design. In particular, I explore innovative design approaches for generating sustainable and life-sustaining places. I am also interested in the topic of knowledge exchange between diverse communities of practice.

I am passionate about projects involving trans-disciplinary cross-fertilisation, creative thinking for problem-solving. I am inclined to learn from people and from other disciplinary fields. I am also eager to keep myself up to date with politics, technology, and architecture.

I obtained an M.Sc. from the Polytechnic Schools of Turin and Milan in Italy, and I am currently working on a Ph.D. research in Germany.

Architecture Design, Sustainable Design, Urban Design and Placemaking, Sketching and Drawing, Public Speaking.

Aurelio David ◙

work Experience

PHD Candidate

University Duisburg Essen

October 2014 - Present

I investigate the topic of public participation in collaborative urban design and architecture. In this framework, I study design methods to integrate expert and lay knowledge.
In general, I am interested in the social and cultural factors influencing the production and use of space.



March 2017 - Present

Technical Advisor Future Cities


April 2017 - Present

Part of an ongoing online advisory board discussing future trends impacting cities.

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