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President at Logistics Strategy and Solutions, Inc.


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Andy Lukoff | Logistics Strategy and Solutions ⌨ andy.lukoff@mylogisicstrategytcom ☎ 845.682.1500

I’m a senior executive in logistics with expertise implementing innovative logistical solutions that optimize product flows and reduce costs from origin to destination. I harmonize logistics policies and procedures across multiple business areas, to facilitate consolidation of multiple supply chains into one single supply chain.

My passion for embracing new technologies along with my aptitude for driving continuous improvement via bench-marking and best practices, has allowed me to achieve logistics cost mitigation and streamline process flows for global enterprises with multiple divisions and business units.

As Material Control Manager with Aydin Vector, I led Production & Inventory Control, Materials Management, Warehousing, Packaging, Transportation and International flows including import/export licensing. I then advanced through a series of roles in Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Mack Trucks, Inc. and Volvo Logistics. This culminated with the role of VP, Logistics where I led the optimization of material flows for 20+ locations in North America, serving a multi-billion dollar customer base.

I have strong financial acumen for measuring, collecting, analyzing and translating performance data and financial metrics. That's been key to making sound business decisions and taking corrective action towards growth, productivity and sustainability. I am known for using these and data to support the “sale” of solutions. Colleagues have said I “could sell snow to an Eskimo.”


✪ Logistics Management
✪ International Logistics
✪ Supply Chain Optimization
✪ Strategic Influence
✪ Strategic Decision Making
✪ Key Performance Indicators
✪ Lean Six Sigma
✪ Performance Benchmarking
✪ Financial Analysis
✪ Cost & Waste Reduction
✪ Dashboard Metrics

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President | Logistics Strategy | Logistics Solutions

Logistics Strategy and Solutions, Inc.

July 2017 - Present

Providing the expertise, knowledge and tools to lower Total Cost of Ownership and raise Supply Chain Visibility.

Domains of experience:

Logistics Management
Strategic Influence
International Logistics
Supply Chain Optimization
Strategic Decision Support
Key Performance Indicators
LEAN Six Sigma
Performance Benchmarking
Financial Analysis
Cost Reduction
Waste Reduction
Supply Chain Management
Dashboard Metrics
Network Optimization
Continuous Improvement
Data Analysis
Inventory Management
Materials Management
Change Management
Warehouse Management
Operations Management
Transportation Management
P&L Management
Customs Regulations
Strategic Sourcing
Performance Tuning
Process Optimization
Sales Operations
Fleet Optimization
Cost Management
Cost Control
Supply Chain Operations
Supply Chain Engineering
Process Management
Process Control
Team Building Facilitation
Technology Change Management
Service-Level Agreements (SLA)
Business Process Re-engineering
Performance Metrics
KPI Dashboards
International Benchmarking
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