Alexandra Sokol

Sustainability Strategist & Analyst, Thought Leader, Urban Conceptualist, Researcher, Project Catalyst, Speaker, Writer


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Highly regarded by her peers as a leader in strategic thinking, whole systems solutions, ideation, future extrapolation & innovation, project management & implementation, Alexandra has focused her extensive range of expertise on creating a more sustainable urban future - specialities in sustainable resilient cities solutions & neighborhoods, climate adaptation, urban anthropology, food & water security, CEA Farming.

Her arsenal of skills spans sustainability project development, applied urban anthropology, sustainable neighborhood development, in-depth research, tactical strategy, life-cycle assessment, project planning, management, fundraising, communications, conference development and media. Sokol’s rare ability to envision uniquely targeted strategies & translate them into actionable solutions has allowed her to achieved success for a range of companies and organizations including: Apple, Intel, IBM, Siemens, Sony, Toyota and FIAT (to name few of the many Fortune 500’s).

Alexandra's extensive career creating high-performance strategies and executing well-run projects has helped her touch numerous industries including AEC, environmental, clean tech & renewables, high tech, entertainment, automotive, consumer products, & nonprofits. Engineered for high performance, she's an unstoppable concept generator, solutions finder, detailed planner, influential team builder & powerful actualizer, who orchestrates just the right balance of elements to create potent whole systems strategies, solid solutions, and exceptional projects that deliver lasting positive impact.

Expertise: Critical Whole Systems Thinking, Urban Sustainability & Resilience, Climate Impact Adaptation Planning, Food & Water Security, Green Building, Landscape Design, Alternative Energy, Strategic Communications, Business Strategy & Partner Relations, Fundraising, Integrated Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement, Public Speaking & Journalism, Conference Development, Training Content & Production.

work Experience

Chief Sustainability Strategist, Urban Master Plans & Resilience, Urban Anthropologist,Neighborhoods

EnviroDynamix™ Consulting

April 2015 - Present

Currently working with Cities, Organizations and Companies on developing "envirodynamic" solutions to sustainability, climate impact & resilience, resilient neighborhood development, and food & water security.
Special areas of expertise:
• Urban Sustainability & Resilience - Utilizing a Whole Systems Approach
• Sustainable Neighborhood Development & Urban Planning Strategies
• Applied Urban Anthropology, Cultural & Ethnographic Mapping as applied to sustainability development, Urban Culture Research, and Cultural Resources Management
• Sustainable Solutions Think Tank Facilitation & Training
• Development & Management of Interdisciplinary Sustainable Solutions Projects
• Lifecycle Assessment & Strategic Planning
• Solutions for Drought, Storm & Coastal Environments
• Urban Agriculture and Food Security
• Sustainable Environments & Landscape Design
• Program Development, Engagement and Management

USGBC-LA WestSide Steering Committee Member and National Advisor (Strategy, Engagement & Advocacy)

US Green Build Council

August 2013 - Present

Working with US Green Build Council on both the local LA and National level to help broaden national advocacy, stakeholder and community engagement and continued development strategies. I am also a member of the National Community Resilience, Government Affairs and Ambassador Committees, and am involved with working on several critical sustainability initiatives focused on LEED building, water, local city initiatives, code research and update plan and climate adaptation. I have served as an advisor on GreenBuild Expos 2014-2016.

Additionally I serve on the USGBC-LA West Side Chapter Steering Committee, as well a being a member of the Advocacy Committee and planning board of GreenBuild 2016's WaterBuild Summit.

Contributing Writer - AEC, Sustainability & Environmental Industries

Sustainability & Environmental Journalist and Writer

June 2007 - Present

Contributing journalist and writer on international sustainability and environmental subjects, travel and lifestyle, architecture and design for a variety of publications both print and online.

Climate Reality Leadership Corps Memeber and Sustainability Speaker

The Climate Reality Project

July 2013 - Present

As a member of VP. Al Gore's Climate Leadership Corp, I am currently doing public and corporate presentations on Climate Change initiatives and working with the Climate Reality Project as a volunteer corp member on Climate Reality campaigns.

Domains of experience:

Sustainable Cities
Thought Leadership
Strategic Planning
Whole Systems Sustainability
Strategic Partnerships
International Business Development
Business Development
International Relations
Project Management
Neighborhood Sustainability Strategies
Think Tank Faciliating
Environmental Antropology
Sustainability Analyst
Urban Research Analyst
sustainability Project Management
Creative Problem Solving
Climate Change Adaptation
Food Security
Environmental Advocacy
LEED projects
Managing interdisciplinary projects
NEPA and CEQA Reports
Environmental Technical Writing
Environmental Compliance
Public Speaking
Environmental Planning - Cost Estimating
Budget Development & Cost Planning
Sustainability Journalism
Account Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Integrated Marketing
Community Outreach
Marketing Strategy
Creative Direction
Content Development
Content Strategy
Digital Media
Consumer Engagement Marketing
Sponsor Relations
Public Relations
Alternative Energy
Digital Strategy
Conference, Event Tradeshow Development & Production
Social Media
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04/2017 - 09/2017

Participated on a Discovery Board on

Tech trends
Climate Change Adaptation
Urban Planning
Climate Change Impacts

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